Fruitland First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
A Small Church With a Big Mission.

Pastors Notes


From the Jim's Cluttered Desk . . .  
"Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid"
Matthew 14:27


 On Wednesday Fruitland experienced an indescribable tragedy. A man with a history of mental issues drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk along Highway 95 randomly, yet apparently intentionally, killing two people.

Our hearts ache for the families of the victims and the perpetrator. We sympathize with our "first responders" - the EMTs and police officers - who are dealing with this tragedy. We are concerned about our children who sense our anxiety, becoming fearful and wonderful if they should walk on sidewalks.

The biblical call to "not be afraid" does not minimize the tough and dangerous situations that come with living in this fallen world. We are to live lives of faithful fearlessness because God has promised his presence not because we are shielded from tragedy.

A local attorney, Reece Hrizuk, eloquently called our community to action: "It is time to do what Fruitland does best...rally together as a community, hold each other tight and watch out for one another." So, let's comfort a child, encourage one another, help a neighbor, write a not of gratitude to a police officer, speak kindly and gently and above all listen to Jesus as he calls us to "not be afraid".

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jim