Fruitland First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
317 SW 2nd Street Fruitland, Idaho






Prayer concerns

Debbie Ujiiye’s sister, Apryl, passed away this morning (January 8) in Minot ND. 
Apryl heroically battled the effects of COVID-19 for weeks

We join together asking that “the peace of God” surround Debbie and Dennis as well as the extended Murata family




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 December 22, 2020

A Christmas Eve service will be available for our congregations. It will be posted on our church websites. The service is videotaped. 

Although it won’t be at all what we have enjoyed in the past, you will be able to see the fully lit Advent Wreath and the sanctuaries of our church buildings.

This service will include seven carols. The organist and pianist will play a verse of each carol and we hope you will sing along; the words will be provided. 

The final carol is Silent Night. Before the service begins, have a candle ready to light for that carol and consider turning off your electric lights. In some way the Holy Spirit will unite us.

Although there are many things that are “not the same” as last year, the amazing story of Christmas remains the same. That story, starting with those shepherds in Bethlehem, has been told for over 2,000 years. It’s a story of light in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of injustice, peace in the midst of turmoil. It is the story of God becoming flesh and blood to “save us all from Satan’s power.”

So receive this Christmas Eve service as a gift, given to you in the name of the One born in Bethlehem.

God bless us all,

Pastor Jim

Jim Hardenbrook

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Fruitland United Methodist Church:




 ANNOUNCEMENT  - Lighting up for peace, HoPe and Love


Light Up the Church Building

Fruitland United Methodist Church

 December 11, 2020


Dear Fruitland United Methodist Church Family,

The first line in an old gospel hymn begins, “I stand amazed in the presence…” Perhaps you remember it (#371 in our hymnal).


Well, I’ve been singing that line these past few days but have changed the words a little. While I will always “stand amazed in the presence of Jesus”, I’m also standing amazed in the presence of you and your faithful generosity.


That faithfulness was especially evident last week as a special offering was asked to trim the church building in light for Advent and Christmas. God’s generous people provided $2,780. 


I stand amazed.


The offering appeal went out with the understanding that the amount over the expenses would be given to a local food bank and to purchase more grocery gift cards. After setting aside money to put the lights up next year nearly $500 will be used to do just that.


I stand amazed.


Our wonderful historic building shines brightly on the corner of 2nd and Nebraska. It reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world and Fruitland United Methodist Church is alive!

Yes, I stand amazed by you and our Lord.


Yours and His,
Jim Hardenbrook, Pastor



ANNOUNCEMENT - TIME CAPSULE PROJECT   Time capsule clipart 1 » Clipart Station

This is a year end project in which every member of our congregation can participate.  During Thanksgiving and Christmas, take a few minutes to write down what 2020 has been like for you.  Include daily life changes.  Tell us what you did and didn't get to do.  Were any events cancelled or altered?  How did you keep yourself occupied while "locked down?"  We would also like to collect some artifacts, which might include a mask, a pink sign notifying that the church would be closed "for a few weeks."  and maybe pictures of you and your families.  Imagine if Fruitland Methodist had thought to do this in 1918!  Contact Holly with your time capsule items.