Fruitland First United Methodist Church
Monday, June 01, 2020
317 SW 2nd Street Fruitland, Idaho
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April 30, 2020

Good morning.

This will be the seventh Sunday we will not be gathering in our buildings for worship, Christian education, prayer meetings, community activities, or faithful interaction. Suspension of services and building use will continue through May 30.

The Payette congregation now has a wonderful website ( Jean Hershey put this terrific tool together.

This Sunday’s worship service will, again, be recorded (audio only) and available on our congregation’s websitesThe worship service audio recording and written resources will be ready by Saturday. Communion will be part of Sunday’s worship service.

Your generous response to our Grocery Gift Card mission has been amazing! The $500 grants are “in the mail” but your gifts to this project makes these grants look like “seed” that is producing an incredible “crop”. Thank you!

Among Sunday scripture readings is Acts 2:42-47. It is describes the church right after it was born. Read those six verses. Then do two things for me. What part of that description surprised you the most? How would you describe our congregations?

Care for you souls and bodies…and wash your hands,

Pastor Jim

PS – Thank you for responding to last week’s questions. Your answers are helpful and confidential. 



Worship gatherings:

Worship services and in-person gatherings are suspended until May 30, 2020.  That means we will not be gathering in our church buildings next week, April 26. We will keep you posted regarding any changes.

We will continue to provide materials for holding worship services in your home. Presently that involves written and audio resources. 

The May-June Upper Room edition is available. If you would like a copy please contact either church office. Leave a message.

The Payette United Methodist Church Council will meet Monday evening at 7:00 pm using Zoom software. 

We are posting information on our Face Book pages and our websites. The Payette church office is now open Wednesday through Saturday mornings. 






Soon we will be called to worship. Please, prepare yourself:

Is your Bible handy?

Do you have a printed order of worship?

Do you have a candle that you can light as we begin?

We are going to sing a lively “marching/moving” song this morning. Be prepared to bang something (two spoons?) or to tap the table or clap your hands. 

Soon you will hear some instrumental music. While listening, light the candle. Calm your soul. Take a few deep breaths. Pray, asking God to quiet you soul and remove any distractions that might impede our time of worship.

Let’s begin.