Fruitland First United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 15, 2020
317 SW 2nd Street Fruitland, Idaho
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Fruitland United Methodists Church
Corner of 2nd and Nebraska, P.O. Box 353, Fruitland, Idaho
Church Phone: 208 452-3260
 Your offering is still needed and appreciated.Checks can be mailed
To Fruitland UMC, P.O. Box 353, Fruitland, Idaho. 83619


*Sunday morning services will continue to be presented online, until the suspension order is lifted.
MARCH 13 - Bishop Stanovsky gives notice that all in-person worship services and activities of our congregation are suspended for at least two weeks, due to concerns about the Covid-19 Pandemic.
MARCH 14 - Sage District Methodist Women’s Meeting CANCELLED
MARCH 18 - Church leaders announce that the General Conference, to be held in Minneapolis, May 5-15, is POSTPONED.
MARCH 22 - Fruitland UMC’s first online worship service presented.
MARCH 24 - Bishop’s suspension order extended through April 30.
MARCH 29 - “Flannel Shirt Sunday” worship service presented online.
MARCH 31 - EARTHQUAKE at 6:00 pm! (6.5 magnitude)
APRIL 5 - Palm Sunday/ Communion Worship Service presented online.
APRIL 10 - Good Friday Service, presented online
APRIL 12 - Easter Sunday Service, a conference-wide celebration, led by Bishop Stanovsky, will be presented online.
APRIL 13 - Administrative Council Monthly Meeting, 6:30 via ZOOM
APRIL 18 - Fruitland United Methodist Women Meeting CANCELLED

MAY 10 - Mother’s Day Sunday
MAY 11 - Administrative Council meets, 6:30.
MAY 16 - Fruitland United Methodist Women scheduled to meet.
MAY 30 - Fruitland Over 80’s Celebration POSTPONED
MAY 31 - Pentecost Sunday, to be announced.
This Coronavirus has thrown us for a loop, and has caused a nearly blank congregational calendar for the spring of 2020. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have nothing going on. School children are out of their classrooms, possibly till the end of the school year, so teachers, students, and parents are figuring out online instruction. Parents who are working have had to arrange for daycare. Many workers have been laid off from their jobs, and are worrying about paying for rent, utilities, and groceries. Idaho’s governor has ordered residents to “shelter-in-place,” to avoid gatherings of any kind, and to avoid non-essential trips. People at the grocery store are wearing homemade masks, due to the shortage of commercially-produced masks. Non-essential businesses are closed. Many residents have self-quarantined, to protect themselves, and to protect others with whom they might come in contact. We are more focused on hand washing than we have ever been in our lives!
Even though we are not able to use our building, or meet on Sunday mornings, individuals have taken on new kinds of commitment and leadership.
A calling tree has been set up. Pastor Jim and a team of dedicated people are working hard to produce an online audio version of Sunday worship. Others are working hard to make that available to as many Fruitland Methodists as possible, and also others, who care to listen. People who normally sew as a hobby are busy creating homemade face masks. We are still a fellowship of Christians!
What church activities have been suspended?
All in-person activities have been suspended, including worship services, Sunday school, Bible study, board and committee meetings, weddings and funerals; even outdoor events, such as Easter Sunrise Service. The building, at this time, is off-limits.
How can I stay connected with my church people, if I can’t go to church?
A phone call can make a world of difference, both for the caller, and for the person receiving it.
Also, a new Facebook group has been set up for this purpose. It is Fruitland United Methodist Church News. Any of us can post on this
page. It’s a good place for updated information on the Coronavirus, to share pictures and thoughts, whatever you want— with other people from our congregation.
How can I connect to take part in the online Fruitland-Payette worship services each week?
Each Saturday, a link is posted to the church website: This will allow you to listen to the service on your smart phone or computer. It’s like listening to a radio broadcast, with music and singing, scripture readings, prayers, and a sermon!
The link is also posted via your weekly email from the church secretary, as well as the two Fruitland UMC Facebook pages.
There are also links for a printed worship folder to accompany the service. 
How can I connect to take part in the Bishop’s online worship celebration for Easter Sunday?
Bishop Elaine J.W. Stanovsky is the presiding bishop of the Oregon-Idaho Conference.
She has been very proactive in taking steps to prevent spread of the Coronavirus via church activities. She is also aware of the importance of the Easter Season and the need for celebration of that church holiday. Production is underway for a Greater Northwest Area-wide celebration of Easter, and we are all invited to participate. Bishop Stanovsky will deliver an Easter message, complemented by the musical and vocal gifts of people across the area. This will be a video production.
Access links will be posted on the Fruitland UMC website and Facebook pages. The 45-minute service will also be available for viewing on the conference Facebook page, Oregon-Idaho Conference of United Methodist Church.
How can I be of help to those who are house-bound?
Although this newsletter seems to be full of technology information, regular phone calls are still the best connection. We miss seeing FACES and hearing VOICES!  Maybe you’re able to drive to their house and park where your friend can see you. Then call. It’s fun to talk on the phone when you can see one another. When you call, check to see if your friend has access to the online worship services. Ask if they have a Bible.  Check to see if they are in need of any grocery items.  Ask specifically about bread, milk, eggs, tissue, soap, canned soup, toothpaste. If there is a grocery emergency, call Holly Hutchinson  There are people who are willing to deliver, if needed.  If you feel there is a need for a phone call from the pastor, let him know.

HARDENBROOKS HAVE PURCHASED A HOME IN WEISER, and have moved out of the Fruitland parsonage. Not to worry—Pastor Jim is still pastoring both Fruitland and Payette Churches, and Jim and Pam will still be participating fully with our congregation!
FRUITLAND UNITED METHODIST WOMEN were disappointed to have their event cancelled in March. They were looking forward to hosting the women of the Sage District for an all-day meeting at our church. After some discussion, the Over-80’s Celebration, scheduled in May has been cancelled, although we may be able to hold it later in the year. Roxie Tolbert and Holly Hutchinson are chairpersons for this event. The Brunch in the Park, organized by UMW is also on hold, indefinitely. “Mission U,” the United Methodist Women’s summer educational event, has been cancelled, but certain features will be offered online.
There has been suggestion of some sort of project to keep us busy and connected during this time of isolation. A UMW Pandemic Project! More information about that will be coming.